bout SERENITY As our name implies, we want our patrons to relax, enjoy and unwind whenever they visit Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant. Here, at SERENITY we bring you the most authentic Spanish flavours and culture delicious cuisine, charming ambience and attentive friendly service. Must-tries at Serenity are of course the delectable Authentic Spanish Tapas & Soups, Spanish Rice (Paella) Dishes, Spanish Noodle (Fideua) Dishes, Cochinillo – the Spanish style suckling pig and Sangrias (Spanish Wine Cocktails) which are highlights and the signatures of the restaurant.

The most authentic spanish cuisine you can find in Singapore

Authentic Spanish Soups & Tapas At Serenity, we offer you more than 42 selections of tapas (just like an appetizer) for your pre-dinner pleasure. Grilled Spanish Octopus, Patatas Bravas ( Roasted Potato), Spanish Cod Fish Cake, Gambas al Ajillo ( Garlic Prawns), Tortilla ( Spanish Omelets). Like everywhere in the world, a bowl of hot soup warms the insides, especially in cold weather.

Serenity Spanish Bar and Restaurant’s Signature Paella (Spanish Rice Dishes) Paella is the traditional dish of Spain originating from the city of Valencia. At Serenity, we use Bomba, a short-grain varietal which plays a critical role in the national dish. This type of grain is able to absorb the flavours of the ingredients three times more than normal rice, which infuses the dish with even more flavour. There are more than 8 types of Paella to try.

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Serenity Spanish Bar and Restaurant’s Signature Suckling Pig The cochinillo asado – whole Roasted Suckling Pig is a signature dish at Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant. The presentation alone is a highlight the piping hot pig is brought to the table on an enormous wooden platter, and swiftly portioned into smaller pieces with the use of a small plate. The piglet is so tender and can be cut with a plate instead of a knife. As the plate slices through the crispy skin and meat, you get to witness just how tender and juicy the pork is before even savouring. Small piglet is marinated with sherry, white wine, vinegar and herbs and slowly roasted it for more than 3 hours.

We use only original ingredients from spain

Sangria & Spanish Cocktails (Over 24 types of Sangrias) At Serenity Spanish Bar, we offer a wide variety of sangria concoctions that will certainly please your palates. We have more than 24 types of Sangrias suite to your sophisticated taste buds. Sangria is wine fruit punch that started as a summer drink in Spain.The ingredients of sangria are red or white wine, spirits, fresh juices, citrus fruits and soda. The sangria comes in two types, Sangria Blanco which uses White Wine, or Cava (Spanish Sparkling Wine) and the traditional Sangria that uses Red Wine


Sun – Tue: 11.00 am – 11.00 pm
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Singapore 098585

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