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Serenity Signature Spanish Suckling Pig
Spanish Suckling Pig

Like to break a plate??? Order the Suckling Pig @ Serenity Spanish Restaurant. The piping hot suckling pig is brought to the table on an enormous wooden platter and swiftly portioned into smaller pieces with the use of a small dining plate. The piglet is so tender and can be cut with a plate instead of a knife.  As the plate slices through the crispy skin and meat, you get to hear the crackling sound of crispy skin and get to witness the tender and juicy pork before even savoring it. Traditionally, Spaniards throw the plate used to cut the piglet on the floor or into a wooden box believing it will throw all the bad luck.

Suckling pig is also available in ¼ & 1/2 portions everyday, making it easier for couples or families with a small group to order.

Paella – Spanish Rice Dishes

Serenity makes Paellas with fresh ingredients and prepares each dish to exacting standards. Paella Valencia is prepared with Fish, Prawn, Squids, Chickens, Mussels, Chicken and Saffron. You also able to have different Paellas like Squid Ink Pella, Seafood Paella, Lobster Paella, Scampi Paella, Vegetarian Pella, Pork Ribs Paella, Cod Fish Paella and Cray Fish Paella. Furthermore, Serenity’s Paella Valencia, was awarded the Singapore’s Top 100 Signature Dishes Award 2009.

Fideua – Spanish Noodles

Fideua is the Catalan for noodles which originated from Valencia in the 1960s. There is a rumour that it is actually created by a fisherman called Zabalo in the 1930s who replaced the rice with noodles in Paella dishes as he did not have enough rice onboard his fishing boat that day. Thus, these vermicelli-like noodles are now used as an alternative to rice in Paella, the national rice dish of Spain.

If you prefer a less starchy alternative, the fideuà dish will suit you very well. Serenity Spanish Restaurant serves seafood Fideua and squid ink Fideua

Pork Knuckle

SERENITY’S Crispy pork knuckle is baked a la minute. And the uniqueness of SERENITY’s Pork Knuckle is, it is baked instead of frying. You cannot get any better than this Crispy Baked Pork Knuckle. Unique technique of steam baking gives Crispiness to the pork skin while maintaining the juiciness and tenderness of the meat. As you bite into the crispy and crunchy crackling skin, your teeth found its way into a thin layer of flavorful butterfish fat, which melted lusciously in our mouths. The aromatic tomato jam sauce and sweet wine sauce that comes with the dish sweetens up the pork’s flavor, but the scrumptious dish is so flavorsome it hardly needs a condiment.

Churros with Hot Chocolate

Authentic Spanish desserts at Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant will leave you sweetly intoxicated. One highlight is the Churros, better known as the Spanish doughnut. The difference between a Mexican and Spanish Churro lies in the accompaniment. If it is dusted over with cinnamon that is the Mexican way of eating the Churro while the plain or sugar coated ones are Spanish. Here at Serenity, chocoholics will be delighted to know we offer delicious chocolate sauce to go with it.

Many Tapas to choose

The Spanish eat more seafood than any other European country and that means they have created a wide variety of delicious seafood tapas Spain is second only to Japan in fish consumption. There is an abundance of fish tapas and some of the finest fish are caught off the Atlantic coastline. Many exquisite shellfish dishes are to be found also along the warm Mediterranean waters.

So, seafood tapas are usually one of the best treats at Spanish Tapas Bars. Pulpo, gambas, mejillones, bacalao, are just some of the local denominations of the most popular spanish seafood for tapas… Just keep reading, and dare to discover them!

Yummy Spanish Soups

Like everywhere in the world, a bowl of hot soup warms the insides, especially in cold weather. Catalan Soup is a delicious combination of vegetables, beans and different types of meats in a savory vegetable stock. The uniqueness of this Mediterranean inspired soup is the combination of few meats or fish into a one soup. Serenity’s Catalan soup is a mixture of beef, chicken and pork with beans.

Spanish Seafood soups can be served as Clear style or Creamy style. Here at Serenity, you can enjoy the creamy style seafood soup. That is why it is called “Creama Marescos”. This soup is very rich in flavours. Flavours of mussels, prawns, dory fish and squid rings are balanced with cream and Spanish sweet pepper.

Sopa de Ajo; traditional Spanish garlic soup is the answer for the garlic lovers.  This Andalucían soup is made with garlic, bread, egg, extra virgin olive oil with the hints of paprika and bay leaf.

Sangria – Spanish Wine Cocktails

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant offers a wide variety of sangria concoctions that will certainly suite to different palates. Serenity’s selection of over 16 different types of sangrias will leave wine drinkers spoilt for choice – a list that is as varied as their tapas. Sangria is a refreshing fruity cocktail with a distinctive base of wine or cava.  Serenity is the only Spanish restaurant in Singapore with 16 types of Sangrias to pamper your sophisticated taste buds. The ingredients of Sangrias are red wine or white wine or cava with brandy, gin, fresh juices, citrus fruits and soda.

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Specially tailored to suit your every occasion and special event, a sumptuous array of Serenity’s signature dishes can be served right at your doorstep. With dedicated service, we strive to bring you the best of Spanish cuisine and deliver the ultimate catering service experience.

Choose from a wide selection of buffet menus, featuring Spanish Tapas, Paella (Spanish Bomba Rice) and delectable deserts. And to serve up that unique dining experience, our chef can arrange Live Cooking of our signature dish, Paella for you. This will definitely be the event highlight and a delight to your guests!

So whatever your event you are planning, Serenity Catering Services is your one-stop service provider.


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